The Most Impressive
VRF Support in the Industry

No one provides VRF support like Mitsubishi Electric. We pioneered the category, which is why we understand and stand behind VRF better than anyone. It’s time to get comfortable with VRF.


VRF Solutions Built for Your Business

Mitsubishi Electric introduced VRF zoning technology to the United States and has continued to advance the category with industry-leading products, training, and support. Our VRF experts have helped solve complex HVAC challenges in buildings of practically every shape and size across the country. Learn how we can help you design the system that’s right for your building.

“This technology is absolutely wonderful, a super solution for our hot spot need.  Mr. Slim not only comfortably cools this side of the house, but the cool comfort succeeds in reaching the existing thermostat for the main unit and rest of the house, virtually shutting it down for long periods of time. Over the past 12 months, this has resulted in substantial energy savings.”

- Hot Spot Solution and Saves Energy

“Over the past 12 months, the Mitsubishi systems have performed outstandingly.  I have had no complaints from teachers, which is a tremendous plus. I would highly recommend this system to anyone. The Mitsubishi performance has exceeded my expectations.”

- Elementary School’s System Exceeds Expectations

“Tickled to death,” is the way this homeowner explains the new system which they have enjoyed over two summers and two winters. “Except for a few days in the spring when we throw open the windows, we keep the Mr. Slim system running 24/7,” he said. “With glass on three sides, our back porch is now our most favorite room.”

- Enclosed Porch/Florida Room Solution

“We presented a real challenge with our preservation demands, maintaining the integrity of the buildings, keeping equipment profiles low, reducing the cost of operations in the milder months, desiring individual zone controls and needing to keep costs down. All in all, Mitsubishi Electric HVAC rose to the occasion. We could not have accomplished this with a conventional system.”

- Maintaining Historic Integrity and Aesthetics at the Lowest Cost

“Besides the ease of installation, CITY MULTI and Mr. Slim systems offer other distinct benefits as well, including: the reliability and ultra-quietness of both indoor and outdoor units; the moisture-removing dry mode (better IAQ); the amazingly effective reverse heat pump cycle which warms the rooms on the few cold days of the year; and the huge energy savings realized within the first 12 months of operation.”

- Architect Notes Energy Savings, Improved Environment and More

“The church trustees and I have been very impressed by the performance of Mitsubishi Electric HVAC products.  During the coldest months of the year, the Mr. Slim system has consistently maintained the temperature selected.”

- Church Trustees Impressed with Performance